Settling down or Starting-up?

So you decide to settle down and the first thing you need is a partner. Agreed, some people do it alone like Vajpayee and Kalam but they are the exceptions rather than the rule. Now you start hitting the bars or matchmaking sites/apps; you find a lot of people there and most of them aren’t suitable. They either aren’t looking for anything serious or they are trying to figure out if settling down is for them before they move on to another casual relationship.

You still manage to find some who seem very serious about settling down and they tick most items on your checklist. You initiate talks with all of them in order to do a pre-screening and eventually you figure out that one person whom you connect with the most, who shares your views and opinions and with whom you can imagine building your future. It seems very easy when I write it down like this but this process takes the life out of you. Sometimes one meeting is enough but most of the times it takes multiple meetings, especially if you have had a history of failed relationships in the past.

Now you have found the one; both of you share your experiences in the past relationships (if you have had any) and your financial standing. Both of you commit to the relationship and promise to see it through all thick and thin. You introduce each other to your friends and families. You both share the same vision for the future and thus it makes sense that you start on the journey sooner rather than later, so you sign the marriage agreement. In certain relationships, one of you takes care of the expenses whereas in others you decide to split it in a certain proportion. You both work hard day and night to keep it going, but there are arguments too. Sometimes one of you gets complacent while the other one is putting in a lot of efforts; sometimes there are misunderstandings, sometimes you feel that your partner is hiding things from you. And then there are good days too when you go out and have fun and enjoy each other’s company and are grateful to God for helping you meet the perfect partner.

All relationships don’t last. Some break because the partners realize too late that they aren’t compatible enough, that they want different things in life, that they have arguments over the smallest things. Some break for reasons totally out of your control, maybe because you lost your baby in childbirth.

Do you know the most beautiful thing about what you just read? If you replace all the words in italics with their substitutes given below, this piece still holds entirely true.

settle(ing) down -> start(ing) up
partner -> co-founder
Vajpayee and Kalam -> Drew Houston and David Karp
matchmaking sites/apps -> co-founder finding sites
casual relationship -> job
relationship(s)/future -> startup(s)
marriage -> shareholders’
lose your baby in childbirth -> shut down your startup

This is the reason I believe that people who have had some experience as startup founders make great partners in a relationship.

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