Love & Light

H: Why do I love her, B?

B: Ummmm……………………………

Maybe because she cares for you more than you care for yourself.

H: Yeah she does that for sure, she remembers all the important stuff and keeps on pestering me about that. She finally made me find out the reason for my headaches. How awesome is she? But that is quite not the reason why I love her.

B: I see. Could it have something to do with how pretty she is?

H: Oh, you know what, when I first saw her pictures, I didn’t really believe it. And then we met and she was even more beautiful than the photos, but that is not the point. The point is that I was attracted to her when all I knew was that she is beautiful but I started loving her when I got to know a lot more. So that is not really the reason.

B: What about the way her late-night call or message makes you feel?

H: That is the best way to wake up at any hour. Wake up and hear her voice on the other end. On second thought, it’s the second best. Best would have been if she was herself waking us up. But this is a very tiny part of how she makes me feel and this is still not reason enough.

B: The way you feel when you see her, hug her, hold her?

H: It is so good to see her every time. And it is even better to hug her and not let her go. It is amazing to kiss her and have my hands around her. Sorry for digressing but this is still not reason enough.

B: I am losing my mind now. How can none of this be reason enough?

H: Exactly. I was going crazy and I was asking myself the same thing and then I thought maybe if I hear it from someone else too I’ll feel better.

But I have a theory. I believe it is like light and its dual nature. Just like light knows you are watching it and when you are trying to prove it is a particle, it would give interference pattern. But when you are trying to explain photoelectric effect using wave mechanics, it will behave only as particles. Love behaves the same. It knows when you are watching and are trying to be scientific and find a reason for its existence, it would make everything seem so not enough. But when you are not trying to be experimental and are not questioning its existence, you realize that every reason is large enough for the love you have for her. It is just beyond reasoning and can’t be explained in mere words.

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