Hello World!

I forget if this is my fourth or fifth attempt at starting a blog, but this is definitely the most special one. Before this, it was always my own resolve which could never live beyond four posts. This time I am being pushed by an amazing girl who somehow feels that I write well and who wants me to take up writing seriously. I’ll try to make this work better than the last few times.

There are certain things in my head and heart about which I am going to write here;

  • Food. It holds a special place in my heart (both literally and figuratively) as I don’t care much about cholesterol levels. I have tried my hands at several cuisines and I pride myself in being an explorer. My search for Kiev still continues.
  • Books. I am a reader and a collector. My interests have evolved from popular fiction (yes, I have been guilty of reading Chetan Bhagat) to contemporary fiction to classics to biographies. I own loads of self-help and business/management books. Short stories and Manto are very dear to me.
  • Art. I dreamed of dropping out of engineering in first year to take up fine arts. Fear held me back then but I did try my hand at a couple of pencil sketches. Eight years have passed and I have taken up sketching again and have graduated from pencils to charcoal.
  • Photography. I remember saving money and buying a cheap camera in 9th grade. I also remember my dad’s old Yashica that was bought when I was 7 or 8. I bought a DSLR when I was 24 and I try to hone my photography skills every now and then.
  • Thoughts. I think. I ideate. I write. I repeat. I conduct thought experiments on relationships, startups, entrepreneurship, careers, etc. I also try to fictionalize and pen down my past experiences.
  • Sanchi. How did I ever land this girl? What did she see in me? What could I have done to deserve her? The brain asks the questions and the heart fails to deliver the answers. The battle goes on.

This is what the blog is going to be about. And as is customary to say – HELLO WORLD!!!

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